JSC “Engineering center CSS University” have realized already hundreds of successful projects proposing complex solutions and putting into effect the innovative technologies providing the highest possible security and full automatization of working process. For many years we are working with the leading development and construction companies, project bureaus: some of them are our regular customers since 2008.

We project and propose the systems for different objects:

  • communal buildings,
  • governmental constructions,
  • hotel resorts,
  • residential compounds and buildings,
  • sports centers, buildings and constructions,
  • industrial and manufacturing sites,
  • transportation facilities: airports, railway stations, transport interchange hubs etc.,
  • cultural and social heritage sites.

For project development and its realization there are involved only the best specialists in their field: engineers, projectors etc. It is very important that we use the unique engineering and technological resources: modern construction asks for innovative development usage instead of old-fashioned systems that don’t correspond to security requirements for long ago. Our company is responsible for the integration and installation of the most high-reliable and functional systems on your objects that would allow optimizing the labor, time and materials costs for object exploitation.