The contemporary world cannot exist without the engineering systems providing comfort conditions for life. The secure comfort beingness is achieved due to serious work performed. Being a diversified engineering company providing a variety of services from project development to exploitation, we take upon ourselves the care for the safety and security of your projects.

The proposed solutions for essential services and security process control will give you the opportunity to be always calm and look ahead with confidence. Focusing on complex approach, our company realizes the missions of innovation technology infusion for monitoring, building and construction engineering systems managing and its further support.

Our systems are: Automatic fire alarm, Warning and evacuation system, Security-burglar signaling system (SBSS), Diagnostics monitoring and control system, CCTV, Automated dispatch management system, Structured cabling system, Radio data system (RDS), Community antenna television, Telephony, Protective deratization system, Warning and evacuation system for disabled people, Civil defense and emergency situations action list, Operational Requirements for Safety Control in Capital Facilities Operation (SCFO), Special Technical Regulations for Structured Engineering Systems Monitoring (ESM), Emergency Control and Communication System (ECCS), Engineering Structures Monitoring System (ESMS).

We offer all the necessary solutions to provide security and counter-terror of metropolis strategic targets. The wide experience and competence of our specialists allow us to provide a wide range of works on in-house engineering systems on basis of a modern approach to injurious action risk reduction. As of today we have dozens of successful projects took on, the internal methods of constructive and technological solutions, the works of different volume but handled with the same high quality.